"Here at Manchester School of Art we pride ourselves on preparing our students for professional life after graduation. To do this we run an award winning cross-faculty project, which spans all year groups and disciplines, and encourages practice within a public environment.

Ceri has been an invaluable external consultant on this exciting project, offering one-to-one portfolio feedback sessions to our final year and postgraduate students. Feedback from attendees has been testament to Ceri’s knowledge in the creative industry, and I have found the links she maintains in the North of England have been a great asset to our students. With Ceri’s input students are able to emerge not just with a portfolio of high end gallery standard, but also an informed perception of what to do next.

I hope Ceri will join us again in the 5th year of our Unit X project which, with relationships such as this, becomes stronger and more successful each year."

Adriano Digaudio, Collaborative Engagement Coordinator, Manchester School of Art

"Meeting with Ceri was a great experience. She was so generous with her time, and insightful about the industry and the next steps for a student progressing out of university. I found her approachable, honest and full of useful knowledge and tips about how to go forward. My session with Ceri boosted my confidence and inspired me to make more work!"

Student, Manchester School of Art

"Ceri’s experience working with local artists and curating shows in the North West was really beneficial because as an emerging practitioner in Manchester it helped me to understand who was who in the city and the next steps to take nationally."

Student, Manchester School of Art

"I have known Ceri Hand for many years, having worked with her in both the public and commercial sectors. Ceri has always been a strong advocate for visual artists. Throughout her career, she has shown great passion, enthusiasm and considerable eloquence in promoting and supporting artists and their practice. Most recently, Ceri has made studio visits to artists in the West Midlands as part of our Artist Development programme delivered in partnership with Turning Point West Midlands. Artists can apply for a studio visit from a named arts professional who will supply feedback and advice. Ceri is always a popular choice. She researches thoroughly in preparation for her visit and provides informed advice and encouragement as well as practical guidance. As a mentor to artists, she is highly professional and well respected and we will certainly continue to work with her to develop our programme."

Deborah Robinson - Head of Exhibitions, The New Art Gallery Walsall

"Working with Ceri is really eye-opening - I feel as if I'm working with a psychotherapist such is her ability to get under my skin. This aspect feels essential to unlocking the route of my artistic enquiry. It's a difficult process but Ceri is empowering so I'm finding the journey with her incredibly exciting and feel that she has already moved me on. I have a strong feeling that with her help anything is possible!"

Gary Scott

"Acme Studios has been fortunate to benefit from Ceri Hand’s support and vast knowledge via studio visits to some of the emerging artists we work with as part of the Residency & Awards Programme. Ceri has that rare combination of a genuine breadth of experience coupled with a generosity to share that knowledge with artists in a way that inspires and encourages. Importantly, her open approach allows artists to ask the difficult questions of a curator one rarely gets to ask.

Her passion to simply talk to artists, listen to them, find out what makes them tick and identify ways to support that is instrumental in enabling the artist to develop their practice and confidence. The feedback we receive from artists Ceri meets is without exception positive and we hope to continue to work with Ceri into the future."

Julia Lancaster – Senior Residency & Awards Manager, Acme Studios

"Ceri listens, pays attention and I find her to be astute and attentive. Her passion for both the arts and individual artists is deeply integrated in who she is and she works with care and integrity, with warmth and with humanity. She is a joy to work with!"


"I first met Ceri when she gave a talk to artists in South East London about her career as a gallerist. I was impressed by her evident passion for her work, her commitment to the artists she had worked with and her direct yet approachable manner. I subsequently booked an initial half-day session with Ceri in my studio. Ceri was open and easy to talk to, professional and focused. I felt her analysis of my work was honest, concise and critical where it needed to be; her approach was sensitive, constructive and encouraging. During our discussion Ceri helped me to see ways to overcome obstacles and fulfil my potential. As a result of the session I have a clear idea of what work I need to do to develop my practice and a plan of action to achieve my goals. I can see great value in building a relationship with Ceri and would recommend her services without hesitation".
Edward Saye

"Ceri is very perceptive and insightful and made many helpful comments that will help improve my practice in both the short term, but more importantly, in the long term".
Mark Houghton

"Highly recommended! The session was really brilliant. Weeks later and I continue to notice how much it has helped clarify my approach. Ceri is very good at this! I'm looking forward to our next session"

Rebecca Glover

"The session was far beyond my expectations. I found Ceri to be very open and clear, with observations that were the perfect balance of challenging and reassuring. I am working with a much better focus and drive since her studio visit."

Nadine Mahoney

"I was not sure what to expect before meeting Ceri, but from the first few minutes I felt a real empathy. I think she really looked at the work - and (amazingly) seemed to 'get' it in the space of a few hours of meeting me. She also (most importantly) really picked up on my failings and clarified them to me. This is extremely useful, no one does this after art school (often not even during, the egos are so big), you just get left with a blank or a like, that's it. I am just thrilled about our meeting and cannot wait to get on with it! Thank you Ceri - you really are a star!

Sue Kennington

"Ceri was personable but firm in the way that she looked at the areas that need to be addressed in my practice. Like a favourite teacher she knew how to say difficult stuff without causing too much upset. I found the session motivating and useful - helped me not to feel so overwhelmed by the tasks ahead regarding updating my web site and CV. Nothing was discussed that I did not "know" myself but good to have that reflected back to you - good to be told the things I tell my students!"


"I found Ceri to be very generous and economical with the time I had and getting down to the nuts and bolts of what needed to be addressed. Ceri enabled me to see what was working and where the contradictions/blocks were. I felt supported and understood. I believe she had my best interests at heart and gave good advice. I'm left with a very clear action plan that feels achievable and exciting"

Camilla Emson

"Ceri Hand’s experience within the arts sector, her knowledge of the individuals and systems of the art world and perhaps most importantly her empathy for artists and her commitment to their practices, make her one of our first choices as an artist’s mentor for the projects that we run."

Nicholas Kaplony, Artquest, London

 "I feel incredibly fortunate to have had Ceri's invaluable support after leaving college last year.

This is a tricky point where one simultaneously struggles to build a career strategy whilst dealing with a new sense of isolation, particularly when practising outside the capital. Yet Ceri has been consistently available to answer any questions by email about pricing, CV or copyright, and also longer, more personal conversations about portfolio or gallery representation.

It's hugely comforting to have her insight and knowledge just a phone call or click away. I can't thank her enough for taking the sting out of everything."

Lexi Strauss

"Working with Ceri Hand gave me the opportunity to focus and kick start my practice back into action.

The mentorship was about refining what i do, and tuning it into the professional art world. Ceri's broad knowledge of art practice informed and guided me through the mentorship, Ceri gave honest, straight forward, informative and constructive advice to help with my artistic development and professional presence. The outcome of the mentorship is that i have since gone on to become a studio member with The Royal Standard an artist led gallery/studio/workspace to further make and promote my work, and to gain a presence in the art scene."

Marianne McGurk

"Ceri is the real deal. A good listener, very professional, and has the expertise that enables her to disseminate knowledge and offer sound advice."

Dinu Li

"Thoughtful, articulate and really good."

John Thole


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