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Our first Rocket Booster course is now underway!

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About Rocket Booster

I know that being an artist can occasionally feel lonely and isolating. Charting your own path, especially in the middle of a pandemic, can be really tough.

I have distilled 30 years’ experience of working with some of the best artists and creative torchbearers in the business into a 4-week course, to help you recalibrate your creative compass and connect you with a new community of fellow artists.

I will be your gentle guide each week, providing feedback, advice, insights, tricks of the trade, walking you through some key lessons, exercises and discussions.

I will support you in better presenting your work IRL and online, help you to identify your tribe, develop new relationships and new opportunities.

We will work together to set some new, exciting, achievable targets for the year ahead and work on the habits and mind-set required to ensure you stick to the plan.

This will be an encouraging, light-hearted, and fun adult learning environment, with a select group of twelve fellow creatives.

I guarantee you will leave feeling emboldened, connected, energised, with fresh new perspectives and a plan of action.

Course Overview

When does it take place?

The inaugural ARTIST MENTOR ROCKET BOOSTER takes place on the following dates:

  • 10am-2pm Friday 14 January 2022
  • 10am-2pm Friday 21 January 2022
  • 10am-2pm Friday 28 January 2022
  • 10am-2pm Friday 4 February 2022

What does it include:

  • 16 hours (4 hours X 4 weeks) of live training with Ceri Hand, delivered over Zoom
  • Breakout sessions with peers to share, compare, provide feedback, problem-solving
  • Worksheets course companions to support homework in between sessions and practice techniques in future
  • Reading List of useful books, podcasts, websites, references to support the course
  • Short videos of Ceri Hand providing tips to keep you on track, providing booster content to aid your learning
  • Online support – facilitated by Artist Mentor all participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, offer advice, and provide feedback regarding course content over the course duration. Artist Mentor will be on hand at scheduled times during the week to answer questions and unlock any barriers to success

Who is the course for?
This course is for committed artists and creatives, dedicated to refining their practice and building new networks and opportunities.

How do the sessions work?
Led by Ceri Hand, with Artist Mentor team support, the sessions will focus on supporting you with Clarity, Confidence, Communication, Connection, Champions, with an opportunity to explore the topics through discussion and practice.

There will be time allocated for comfort breaks, and timed breakout rooms will provide the opportunity to discuss and learn with your peers.

There will be time to ask questions during each session, and at the end of each meeting, homework will be set with a steer to help you prepare for the next session.

Support in between sessions is available to you, shared informally by Ceri Hand and the Artist Mentor team. We are particularly mindful of avoiding overwhelming you with a deluge of content but are committed to getting you traction and results.

Short videos by Ceri Hand and succinct worksheets will encourage further thought and action.

We aim to provide subtitles and audio transcripts wherever possible, depending on participants’ needs.

Ways of working
To enable you to get the most from the experience, we would like to suggest and encourage the following:

  • A commitment to learning, sharing, trying new things, and contributing to the group
  • Behaving with respect, generosity, patience, care, and kindness within the group
  • Willingness to participate in breakout groups each week
  • Willingness to do the homework and utilise the worksheets
  • Willingness to support your peers positively
  • Be yourself! Take notes, observe, listen, ask questions that arise - do whatever is right for you
  • Respect confidentiality and only disclose as much personal information as you want to

Our commitment to you is to provide a supportive, encouraging, generous, confidential learning environment that will help you attract more of what you want and need. We promise:

  • To conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, responsibility, and accountability
  • To begin and end sessions on time
  • To communicate clearly and avoid jargon
  • To provide a safe learning environment
  • To treat you and all information disclosed by you with confidentiality and respect
  • To share our combined knowledge and experience to provide a rich learning experience
  • To give you support, encouragement, and feedback throughout the course
  • To make the learning enjoyable and relevant

If you have any questions regarding the course, please reach out to