Mentoring and coaching session rates vary in relation to whether you are: 

  • An artist
  • An arts professional
  • A group

Artist – One-to-one Mentoring

As a guideline hourly rates range from £50-£100 (online only).

We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions to achieve positive transformation.

Professionals – One-to-one coaching

As a guideline the hourly rate for individuals starts at £100 (online only)

We recommend a minimum of 6 hours to achieve positive transformation.

As a guideline the hourly rate for group coaching starts at £500 depending on number of attendees and goals (online only)

Mentoring and Coaching Packages

We will get the best results from working together over a period of time. This means we get to know you, your work, the context, nuances of your work, achievements and challenges to date in more depth

We will design a bespoke mentoring or coaching plan tailored to your needs, goals & budget

In each of these packages, the first session is dedicated to discussing your journey to date – highs & lows, ambitions and current challenges, clarifying & setting key goals and milestones for the agreed length of time ahead

We will set goals for each session, and agree ‘homework’ at the end of each session, so you can try address the most pressing challenges, try new approaches, measure progress and get quick results

You can choose to meet as often as you like, calendar availability allowing.The payment can be made in full immediately or in installments, and you can book sessions until your hit your budget limit or all payments have been made

You can book time for one-to-one sessions or for remote support e.g. to review a text, an application, new work or feedback on an immediate challenge

We will determine positive, results focused solutions together, ensuring you are equipped to establish yourself as a brilliant creative that ignites wider interest and connects with a diverse audience


Our next free subscriber event

Planning an exhibition or commission budget


Are you preparing to exhibit, curating an exhibition or making / commissioning a new work for exhibition or the public realm?
 Would you like to ensure you have considered and covered all potential headings in your budget?
 In this session I’ll help you cost your contribution effectively and answer any queries you may have in relation to existing project budgets too. All attendees will receive a worksheet with example budget headings post session.

Monday 30 August | 6pm-7.30pm

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Ask a Collector

Darryl de Prez


Ever wanted to ask a collector how they choose what to collect? Or what they are prepared to pay for a work they love? Now’s your chance!

Thursday 29 July | 6pm-7.30pm

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