Portfolio Reviews

Sometimes it’s lonely being a freelancer or working in your studio. Regular discussions with artists, creative professionals and friends are useful and important, but occasionally you may want to speak in an unguarded way about your ideas, a recent body of work or your key concerns, frustrations or blocks in your work.

Portfolio Reviews are designed to support you developing your work, address key challenges and help you realise your full potential.

You may want to reconsider your style, methodologies, medium or presentation, but don’t have clarity or the initial budget to take that first step in changing course, so talking it through will help.

You may be keen to explore how best to pitch an exhibition, prepare your work for a studio visit or select the best work to submit for residencies or open exhibitions.

An Artist Mentor Portfolio Review session offers a timely opportunity to reflect on where you are in your practice or career at a particular moment, with an expert in the creative industries.

Ceri Hand will take time to reflect on and discuss your work to date and:

  • Offer objective critical feedback on your work and creative journey to date
  • Advise on challenges you are facing in your work
  • Make recommendations that will help address creative blocks
  • Provide a concise action plan for you to take away and implement

Initial mentoring sessions are a minimum of two hours, to ensure the best understanding of your work, assess the challenges and make the appropriate recommendations.

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