Reaching new audiences

Being a successful creative means effectively communicating your ideas with another individual or group of people.

Determining who you want to communicate with is part of the creative journey, but can often get lost in the making process and the solitude of the studio or workplace.

Identifying the right audience for your work not only helps you consider the right content, medium, display and distribution methodologies, but builds your circles of influence and helps ensure a legacy for your work.

During a mentoring and creative coaching session we can:

  • Assess your work history to date
  • Identify potential audiences for your work and areas for development
  • Identify potential individuals, organisations and audiences for your work
  • Sketch a communications plan to outline key messages and methodologies for reaching new audiences


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Developing a case for support with Alisha Kadri

Alisha will teach you how to build a compelling case to attract funding. If you are in the process of making grant applications or want to attract sponsorship, this session is for you! Alisha led on Manchester International Festival’s philanthropic programme in 2019 and currently leads on major donor investment for the University of Salford, where she secures high profile partnerships to support creative talent and underrepresented individuals and groups.

Thursday 30 September 6pm-7.30pm

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