Coaching for Professionals

One to One Coaching

If you would like to unlock your potential, have more impact with your ideas and work, enable a better flow of communication with your staff, clients, colleagues or team, coaching will help you gain clarity and influence.

Coaching sessions can aid you through one particular challenge or help you through a longer period of transition in your career or in your life.

Challenges you may benefit from coaching support might include:

  • navigating your way through organisational change
  • identifying and articulating your strengths and areas for development
  • success with job applications and interviews
  • HR and personnel issues
  • working with artists and creatives
  • managing your time, workload and identifying your priorities
  • pitching ideas

Coaching is currently conducted 1:1 online or via phone, allowing us to work with you wherever you are.

Please contact us to discuss the nature of the coaching support you would like and we will establish the right bespoke package for you.

Preparing for a session checklist:

  • Mentoring sessions are conducted using any of the popular online video conferencing services such as Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime, cost effective and the best approach in the current climate. Please share your preferred communication platform and provide your contact details in advance.
  • Consider and summarise in advance what the top 3-5 challenges are you want to address
  • Share your most up to date CV and summary biog in advance
  • Select and share any information you want to refer to during the session in advance
  • Be ready to talk openly and honestly through your current challenges, any approaches you have already tried, and any barriers to success 
  • Consider what success would look like? Where do you want to be and what do you want to do
  • Prepare questions in advance, ask questions as you go along and in turn be open to questions and being honest
  • Do take notes, but don’t let note-taking prevent you from listening attentively and engaging in conversation
  • Make yourself comfortable and prepare the setting so that only what you want the mentor to see is visible; you may have some work displayed, or choose a corner of your home or studio that reflects you, your work and processes
  • Make sure you have selected time where you won’t be interrupted or distracted (phone, emails, doorbell, children, pets etc.)
  • Have drinks or snacks ready and make sure comfort breaks are conducted in advance wherever possible!

How do mentoring sessions begin?

Your session will begin with a short introduction from me followed by an invitation to:

  • Introduce yourself and summarise your work and career path to date
  • Summarise your key challenges
  • Provide examples of work or experiences that illustrate your points and challenges

I will help address your specific challenges, discussing your drivers, motivations and inspiration for your work. I will listen to you talk through your ideas and processes, how you have promoted yourself to date and help unpack any particular problems you want confidential support with.

The work examples and illustrations you mention, combined with the way you speak about them and your challenges will provide a holistic picture, and from this I can assess the best short, medium and long term goals and action plan.

During the session I will offer some key thoughts, reflections and observations that will hopefully shed light on the issues and areas you have raised.

What will we achieve by the end of the session and what happens next?

By the end of the session we will agree an action plan of some manageable tasks and goals to try and implement and practice, taking your ambitions and existing resources into account.

We will agree an ideal time-frame within which to try these new approaches that suits your schedule.

You can then either book a follow-up session or sessions in person or online over any period of time that’s appropriate for you and your budgets.


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