Artists Statements

An Artist Statement is a useful text that enables you to communicate your key drivers and line of enquiry.

A good short summary should be fresh, dynamic, unusual and clearly paint a visual picture of the ideas, media, methods and things you draw on and any key recurring obsessions that feature in your work. It should pinpoint what it is that makes your work uniquely yours.

The text will help researchers, writers, curators, collectors, gallerists and peers to connect with you and your work.

It is useful for your website and supports applications to residencies, competitions and open exhibitions.

Having great work is, of course, the priority, but the more interest you attract the more people want to find out about you, and it’s useful to have something simple that articulates some of the key factors that motivate you. If your statement is too lengthy, sounds vague, boring or like everybody else, it will affect how people read your work.

Many artists and creatives find writing about their work difficult and drawing together the complex range of ideas that are inherent in your body of work is inevitably a challenge.

Sometimes it helps to have an objective, critical eye look over your statement to see if there is a way to improve how you are communicating about your work.

During an Artist Mentoring session you can receive:

  • Objective critical feedback on your existing artist statement
  • Suggestions on how to improve the statement

If you identify that you would like help in writing the statement, that can be achieved post-session and will be charged at a day-rate, depending on how much work needs to be done.

For example, if it means writing the text from scratch, it may require further discussion, looking at more images of work or watching videos to ensure the text best represents you.

The result could be a more dynamic and intriguing overview of your work, that will also help focus your existing and developing body of work.

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