Portfolio Reviews

Sometimes it’s lonely working in your studio. Discussions with artists and friends are useful and important, but occasionally you want to be able to speak in an unguarded way about your successes, anxieties, frustrations or blocks in your work.

It might be that you have suspicions that a different scale, medium or framing might shift the work significantly but don’t have the budget to take that risk, so talking it through would help.

An Artist Mentoring Portfolio review session offers a timely opportunity to reflect on what’s happening in your studio at a particular moment, with somebody who’s in the business.

Ideally we view work in your studio together, but discussion can also centre around images on a laptop or website.

  • I can offer objective critical feedback on your work, supporting you to consolidate areas of work in progress and potential areas for development.
  • We will discuss challenges you are facing in a single work or a body or work, whether it’s source material, content, scale, medium or editing.
  • I will make recommendations that will help unlock creative blocks.

I have a wealth of experience of working with artists and in supporting them developing their work and I would be happy to support you realising your full potential.

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