Mentoring for Creative Groups

Group coaching sessions are usually conducted in person or using any of the popular online video conferencing services such as, for example, Skype, Zoom, or Teams – cost effective and the best approach in the current climate. Please share your preferred communication platform and provide your contact details in advance. 

The content, duration and structure of the sessions will be agreed in advance with the commissioner.

Preparing for a session checklist:

  • Consider and summarise in advance what the sessions will address
  • Share the agreed content of the sessions with the group or team in advance
  • Timetable the sessions with a minimum of 4 weeks notice, so the key members of your group you want to benefit from the group work can attend
  • Solicit as much input from the individuals in your group or team in advance to inform the sessions- we can help prepare some provocations as part of the package if required
  • Ask the group to prepare questions in advance, ask questions as we go along and in turn be open being questioned, transparent and honest with peers
  • Select and share the images, links, texts and information in advance that will inform understanding and best represent your organisation and the work you do
  • Encourage the group to take notes, but don’t let note-taking prevent them from listening attentively and engaging in conversation and interaction
  • If the session is planned for hosting in-person, please select and prepare a comfortable room for the duration
  • Have agreed drinks or snacks ready and make sure easy access to comfort breaks is possible for all
  • Ensure full access needs are met 

This is, of course, a guideline as every client’s needs are different. We are flexible and can create bespoke content for you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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