About Artist Mentoring

About Artist Mentoring

Artist mentoring is useful for periods during your artistic career when you feel that you need objective feedback on your practice, are suffering from creative block or need some additional support in editing or marketing your work.

You may have a body of work you need feedback on, an upcoming exhibition you wish to prepare fully for, or are feeling at a loss as to which residencies, competitions or open exhibitions to apply for. Having an artist mentor, or a critical friend, can help you quickly resolve the challenges you feel you face and implement an effective action plan.

As an artist mentor with a wealth of experience in the art world, I have a broad range of networks to draw upon. I have conducted countless studio visits and artist mentoring sessions with emerging and established artists, commissioned hundreds of artworks and curated over 70 exhibitions. As a trained artist I understand all aspects of the artistic process and the challenges you face at every level.

I believe what you do as an artist makes an important contribution to the world we live in. I have committed my life to supporting artists. I have the ability to get inside an artists practice, understand their unique language and what they are contributing to contemporary practice.

I will be able to assess your work within the context of the contemporary art world and support you making better, more focused work and find new audiences and more diverse platforms for showcasing it.

Artist mentoring is something you may feel you need once to kickstart a new body of work, something you draw on every month or quarterly to keep improving your chances of success. You determine how much support you need.

As a trained artist, I am an artist mentor who loves art and artists and am wholly committed to supporting you be the best artist you can be and helping you find the best audiences for your work.

I will work with you to establish a critical dialogue and get the best results in the shortest period of time (and therefore the most cost effective for you). I will always be honest with you and our artist mentoring sessions will always remain confidential.

At the end of our sessions I will send you a confidential feedback form so that I can continue to serve you better and prepare for the next artist mentoring session we have together, if appropriate.

If you are happy to share your feedback, your artist mentoring testimonial will enable other artists to discover what kind of service to expect.

If you still feel you need more information once you have read through the website, please do email ceri@artistmentor.co.uk.



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