Basic rates for sessions

  • £150 per half day (four hours)
  • £275 per full day (eight hours)

Initial meetings are either a half or full day session and are usually conducted in your studio or at the House of Saint Barnabas in Soho, London. Other alternative meeting places can be discussed.

Travel charges
If sessions take place outside of London, the full day rate of £275 will apply. Additional charges for travel & expenses (accommodation, lunch or dinner as appropriate) will be incurred on top of the basic fee. Time spent travelling to your location will also be charged for at a rate of £20 per hour.

Follow up sessions
Follow up sessions are £45 per hour, and are usually conducted via Skype, telephone or email as appropriate. These sessions are usually reserved for giving feedback on your website, artist statement, applications, competitions, prizes, new work or a specific challenge.

Eating arrangements
If I visit your studio I can either bring my own lunch or we can go somewhere nearby and continue our conversation. Lunch can be purchased at the House of Saint Barnabas or at an alternative location nearby. We will both be responsible for the cost of our own food and drinks.


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