Welcome to my new blog, which aims to share creative ideas, knowledge, skills, and insights from experienced arts insiders. This blog is called ELEVATION because art lifts us up. Over coming weeks and months I will share illuminating interviews, advice, and tips from contemporary creatives, who question the status quo and are committed to exploring new ways to communicate, connect and challenge our perceptions. I have invited a range of extraordinary creatives to share their ideas, processes, values, career highs and lows, motivations, risks, and key learnings. I have selected people that inspire me, through their work, their ideas, their bravery, and consideration of others. I hope you will find their work, experiences and recommendations as interesting and useful as I have. All feedback, recommendations, links, and ideas are very welcome!

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I first met Alkistis Tsampouraki in 2015, when we both worked at Simon Lee Gallery in London. We shared a passion for learning, of facing fears, of not taking ourselves too seriously and to having fun, whilst making weird(er) things happen in the world. Alkistis is kind, considerate, loyal, and often hilariously honest. She has […]


I was introduced to Connal Orton around 2008/2009 by Mark Doyle, who was running the North West Collector Development scheme for Contemporary Art Society. Connal was very supportive of my gallery programme, attended shows, visited artists studios and bought work, including by Matthew Houlding (see below). Connal is an award-winning creative, most recently at the […]