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I offer a bespoke artist mentoring service to assist emerging and established artists in the development of their practice and careers.

News: May 2017
I am now working full time as Director of Programmes at Somerset House, London  and can no longer take on new clients. However, if you are interested in a mentoring session please do get in touch and I can refer you to a trusted colleague.

The artist mentoring services I offer include:

• Portfolio reviews
Curating and exhibiting your work
Pricing and selling your work
Documenting and cataloguing your work
Making applications (funding, residency, open exhibitions, competitions)
Identifying new contacts and audiences

As an artist mentor I draw on over 25 years experience of managing arts organisations, projects, curating, representing artists and selling their work, which means I have a broad network of curators, museums, press and collectors that enable me to provide a unique level of support for you.

My unique approach to artist mentoring

I have conducted hundreds of artists studio visits, and am experienced in feeding back on artists work and supporting them refining and articulating their line of enquiry.

My training as an artist, has provided me with a unique ability as an artist mentor to get inside an artists practice quickly and see where they need the most support. I have a straight forward, straight talking approach that means we are able to get to the heart of the issues and find a strategy to help.

My unique artist mentoring service is focused on supporting artists in being the best artists they can be, and in communicating their unique take on the world to the widest possible audience.

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